• Farbe: Natur/Uneingefärbt
  • Material  Ethylen-Vinylacetate( EVA) (48)
  • Elastische und glasklare Auflage
  • F2
A 4.2
B 8.5
C 12
D 1.5
F F2
Material Ethylene -vinyl acetate (EVA)
Farbe natur

Colour: Colour number:
natural000 XXX XXXX XXXXX

Colour definition : natural
Matches: Milk-like transparent white colour can differ per kind of material.
Featured colours reserved. Due to the screen differences in colour may occur.
Material:Material number:
Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)48 XXX XXXX XXXXX

Product information

Physical information
Relative density (gr/cm³)0.95--
Tensile strength (MN/m²)1553455
Elongation at break (%)55053455
Tensile modulus (MN/m²)--53457
Notched impact strength (kJ/m²)--53453
Ball indentation (MN/m²)--53456
Application temperature (max ºC)45--
Volume resistivity (Ohm.cm)--53482
Dissapation factor tan. (10³ Hz)--53483
Dielectric strength (MV/m)--53481
Coefficient of friction (on steel) (--)----
Chemical resistance
Resistant to 
Mineral oilsB
Vegetable oilsB
Weak alkalisA
Strong alkalisA
Weak acidsA
Strong acidsB

  A = Good
  B = Doubtful
  C = Poor

All information is given in good faith but without warranty

Glasauflage EVA [070] (070012000048)

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